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Is Jordan A Good Place For Gambling Online?

Internet gambling has exploded over the past decade in Jordan and neighboring countries such as Egypt and Saudi Arabia. The legal landscape of Jordan Online gaming goes hand in hand with the country's legal framework. While most regulations in the country are based on Islamic principles, there are some elements of local tradition that allow some forms of gambling. For instance, Jordan is one of only a few countries in the world that allows lottery sales, though only on government-approved outlets. 

Because of its location on the Mediterranean coast, Jordan attracts a large number of European visitors every year. This influx of visitors helps Jordan increase its human resources, making it an excellent source of unemployed Jordanians. With so many unemployed Jordanians, there is a good chance that many of those who leave the country to pursue recreational gambling will fall back into Jordan just to feed their bills. In this way, the legal framework of Jordan’s online gambling makes the country less attractive to criminals looking to run off the money of unsuspecting Jordanians.

Online Gambling Laws and Regulations

However, Jordan does allow limited online gambling within its borders, especially during the Islamic month when both Islamic and non-Islamic religions are prohibited. Online casinos in Jordan are strictly forbidden from running games based on gambling or arms sales during the month of Ramadan. Although not all Muslim countries forbid gambling, Jordan does, which makes many gaming sites refuse to go on credit during the month of Ramadan, essentially putting them out of business. Still, there are a few online gambling sites that choose to go ahead with their business during this time, and thus they are still functioning within the law.

In spite of not being allowed to go into Jordan directly to gamble, the same regulations and laws of any other state, you can still find plenty of places in Jordan where you can bet and play for free. Other games, however, like poker and blackjack, are only available in specially licensed online casinos. 

Billie Noble
Last updated: 21 December 2020