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El Salvador
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Billie Noble
Author Guarantor: Billie Noble Last updated: 23 November 2020

El Salvador is the smallest country in Central America, with about 6.3 million people. In the past, the economy in El Salvador is largely agricultural, with an average household income of about $ 660 a month. However, the economy, in recent years, has gradually improved.

Because the economy is not as strong as its neighbors, El Salvador people have gradually turned to bet games to try their luck. Since then, gambling has steadily become a pastime of the people here. As for gambling and casinos, their legal rules in El Salvador are vague. Let's take a more in-depth look at the betting field of this Central American nation!

Gambling Laws in El Salvador

The first gambling law in El Salvador was published in 1882, imposing a ban on all forms of gambling.

By 2002, the Law was strengthened, and all bookmakers were forced to shut down. Meanwhile, gambling is a hugely popular pastime, and El Salvadorans have even despised and vehemently opposed the new law. So, finally, the gambling laws in El Salvador have been loosened a little.

Under the 2002 gambling regulations, the bookmaker is only allowed to offer lottery products, table games and slot machines are all available for free.

The 1983 city code allowed El Salvador cities to decide matters in their own right, and no law mandated casinos to close. It seems the government has given up trying to enforce a gambling ban in El Salvador.

El Salvador's online gambling has never been regulated, and although the government does not license online gambling operators, there are no specific laws against these forms of entertainment. As a result, El Salvador residents are allowed to bet for free on international online casinos.

The agency responsible for overseeing lottery operations and gambling licenses is the office of the El Salvador Tax Department. Under the gambling law, minors under 18 are prohibited from participating in any gambling entertainment activities.

Gambling History of El Salvador 

El Salvador declared independence from Spain on September 16, 1821. In 1838, the Central American Federation was formed but was quickly dissolved. This is also the time when El Salvador became completely independent.

By the mid-20th century, due to civil war, corruption, and natural disasters, the gambling industry of El Salvador did not have a good start off. In 1882, the El Salvador government issued a ban on all games of chance. Although the ban was widely enacted, the people of El Salvador disregarded the laws set by the state and continued to participate in betting games.

It was not until 2002 that El Salvador's gambling laws were strengthened when the National Assembly vetoed the proposal to legalize gambling. As a result, all forms of gambling are illegal, except for the lottery.

Under a 2002 decree, El Salvador casinos have so far been allowed to offer only lottery games. Later, however, the law loosened, and El Salvador's casinos offered table games and slot machines.

Before 2002, bingo clubs in El Salvador were legalized. However, the license was never renewed until today. Also, the 1983 Municipal Code provides that cities can deal with gambling activities and facilities in their respective territories.

In short, all gambling except lottery is illegal under El Salvador's law. Most El Salvadorans and regulators, however, completely ignored the law and the El Salvadoran government gradually abandoned restricting gambling activities.

Payment Methods in El Salvador Casinos

Ensure you have the right choice for the payment method at El Salvador online casinos before you start playing.

Most El Salvador casinos include Visa and Mastercard integrated. Besides, the best casinos also offer various alternative forms of payment like E-wallets, prepaid options, electronic money, bank transfer, etc.

If you still wonder which payment method is safe and suitable, then give Skrill a try. This e-wallet is a trustworthy payment processor and secure transaction information as well as the anonymity of players. That means gamers enjoy an extra layer of security, and privacy is greatly enhanced. Because online casino payment activities will not be listed on your bank statement. Besides, Skrill's customer protection policy is also very good.