Business Development Manager Ayvar Gabidullin from Slotegrator company announced a new solution to upgrade the service quality of online casinos, Telegram Casino. This platform promises to completely change the face of the online gambling industry and help operators stay competitive in a world where technology is changing by the second. 

Telegram Casino: A New Idea From Slotegrator 

Telegram Online Casino

The iGaming industry is growing in every corner of the world rapidly. That has pushed the pressure of competition to the climax among operators in creating content and improving service quality on their platforms to maintain player loyalty. As most players are already familiar with the look and feel of traditional online casinos, operators are experimenting with every possible approach to improve customer engagement experiences and attract a new generation of new users. 

That is why Telegram Casino's idea was born and is considered the breakthrough of 2022. The platform uses bots to interact with players as real casino assistants, an innovative solution for mobile gambling. It also offers a new method to provide iGaming services to gamblers.  

Previously, Telegram was still known as an online communication channel. However, everything has changed. Slotegrator's vision allows Telegram to be used as a cross-platform application with tools and functionality that can be provided by affiliates in the gambling industry. And that's when Telegram Casino launched and facilitated operators in attracting new audience segments. Through this cutting-edge platform, users have the opportunity to improve their casino gaming experience on mobile devices with simplified navigation.

Who Is Slotegrator?

Slotegrator is a provider of omnichannel products to cater to different verticals in the iGaming industry. Since 2012, they have been developing innovative business solutions and various customer-oriented services in the gambling industry. The primary mission of this company is to synthesize game content, business solutions, technology, and industry knowledge to enable customers to maximize their business potential. Besides that, they also work hard to make the world of online gambling safer by helping to solve players' problems. 

Slotegrator cooperates with software providers for globally renowned online casinos. As a result, they support the development and promotion of the best slot games, board games, live dealer games, and the necessary software for betting in the online gambling market.

Will Telegram Casino Be the Future for Gambling?

It is too early to say anything, but the benefits that Telegram Casino offers are, in theory, extremely impressive. This platform not only improves the service quality for users but can also benefit casino operators based on its many special features. 

Goods Sides for Operators

The first advantage that Telegram Casino brings to casino operators is low advertising costs. Since the platform can be launched as a standalone project or as a supplement to the web version of an online casino, it is possible to use bots to operate marketing programs in an unrestricted environment like Telegram. As a result, the platform can apply the most up-to-date marketing tools to optimize operator costs. 

More specifically, casino bots can be launched anywhere on Telegram. Thanks to that capability, they provide operators with the opportunity to reach new target markets.

Next, the operator can easily manage their gambling platform remotely on the Telegram system, the same way they do with standard online platforms. Through their back office, the operator can control the online casino structure, with standard categories such as game content, correspondence, and all of the platform's modules, including integration of bonus and affiliate modules, two issues that are paramount in keeping an online casino running.

Plus, Telegram Casino's catalog of games will make any operator covet. The game library now has more than 7,000 titles, including the best products from famous developers worldwide. Operators can select the games that will appear in their casino after analyzing the target market and preferences of players from these countries. As a result, their game library is always optimized for every customer they serve. 

Good Sides for Players

On the player side, Telegram Casino will upgrade its online gambling experience in every aspect. First and foremost, the platform will optimize every navigation in the interface so that players can easily access their favorite game in the fastest time. Instead of wasting time going to the website to participate in gambling games, a simple click on your casino's Telegram account can give you instant access to the game without waiting. 

Plus, with the built-in APIgrator, every casino game will be neatly integrated into your Telegram account for you to explore. 

It's not just about the games, but the Telegram Casino can also give you 24/7 access to the platform's full functionality, including customer support. Of course, as an online means of communication, Telegram can make it much easier for you to get in touch with the casino's representatives than if you were to seek help from the web interface. 

When we say you can access the full functionality of the casino on Telegram, we include the payout. Telegram's chat bot allows players to make transactions with just a few clicks. In addition, a wide variety of currencies are also supported, and the transaction methods can be flexibly changed based on the user's geographical location. 


Telegram Casino is a future solution for the online gambling industry researched and developed by Slotegrator. With the interaction with the Telegram platform, the worldwide popular social network, your remote gambling experience will be optimized in every way. Among the advantages of this platform, the improvement of the interface and the navigation is the most noticeable as it saves users a lot of time compared to playing at traditional online casinos.



Published: 26 May 2022 02:33