About Slot Machines

If you are a true gambling player, slot machines are not something strange to you. 

Slot machines are often described as interesting casino games with their flashing lights, impressive graphics, and promising lucrative casino bonuses for players who want to win with generous prizes. There’s no doubt that more and more people have a passion for the spin in the reels.

Owing to an incredibly tremendous selection of bonus features on this type of gambling game, players can certainly become a millionaire immediately. 

According to the most recent statistics, there are about 200,000 machines in Las Vegas, without counting the quantity of these machines in the rest of the world. This means that you always have plenty of options and opportunities to beat this game. 

However, in case you are confused about “what are the best slot machines to play?” or wonder if the slot machine you are betting on is the best type of this gambling game in casinos, this article will help. 

Play Slots with Highest Payout Percentages

A wise gambler will fully understand that the slot machines which provide the highest odds will be his best choice. For aspiring players, this type of game will bring them more fun due to its chance of getting the biggest value or hitting a record jackpot. This information below will give you full details of the best slot machines of top online casinos and useful casino guides as well.

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Always choosing a slot machine with the best payout is highly recommended. For this purpose, all you have to do is check a slot’s paytable before your money is inserted. This will let you know the maximum payout you can gain on the symbols as well as any caps which a casino may place on a jackpot amount. 

It is important for players to check what kind of slot game they are enjoying. For example, Video slots will let you down as they never offer payouts as big as progressive jackpot slots. In addition, remember to check the payout percentage of a game, especially a slot title with an RTP of 90% or even more. These slot machines will offer players payout with a higher value than others. 

Some slot games with high payout percentage are:

  • Mega Moolah (95%)
  • Book of Dead (96.21%)
  • Gonzo’s guest (96%)
  • Starburst (96.01%)
  • Jungle Jim (95.98%)
  • Avalon (96.01%)
  • Break Da Bank Again (95.43%)
  • Fire Joker (96.15%)
  • Reel Rush (97%)
  • Immortal Romance (96%)

Concerning online slots, the payout percentage can be found on the rules or information page, or on either the online casino or the game developer's website. If you find this is difficult, search for it on Google with the keyword “payout percentage” or “return to player” along with games’ names. In case this way doesn’t help, contact casinos directly via live chat or customer support team. 

The House Edge Explained

As stated above, choose the slot machine that gives the best payout. This also means picking the one that has the lowest house edge, as the house edge presents the money that the casino will keep. The variety of the house edge depends on the games or even the bets in the same game. For instance, a game with a payout of 95% has a house edge of 5%.

These casino games below will tell you their house edge, which can give you suitable option to play slot games:

  • Craps (0%)
  • Baccarat (1.06%)
  • Blackjack (1.5%)
  • Roulette (2.7%)
  • Pai Gow Poker (1.3%)...

Variance in Slots

Variance in Slots is another factor to evaluate if a slot machine is the best to play. Variance is also called volatility or payout frequency. 

The variance will tell you how often a slot pays out jackpots and the size of the winnings.

It can be classified into 3 types:

  • Low variance slot games: these games land wins frequently, but the amounts are usually small jackpots.
  • Medium variance slot games: these slot games promise that players can expect to hit wins fairly frequently, with a combination of small wins and larger payouts.
  • High variance slot games: players may experience long droughts in wins with these slot games, but when they payout, the winnings are huge.

Casinos and slot games will not usually feature the volatility of a game on the paytable. 

To solve this problem, players can find information online or through free slot games. Try spinning the reels 100 times in a free game and note down what you have gained after all. The low variance is affirmed if the amounts just only increase no more than 2x the original stake. And in the opposite situation, in case the payout you get is doubled or even tripled and more, the slot game has a high volatility slot game. 

It is easy to find low volatility on penny slots and games with small jackpots. To hit an enormous jackpot, try progressive jackpot slots like Mega Moolah with a high variance. You can’t imagine how pretty huge this jackpot offer would be if you win.

Slot Machines in Land-Based Casinos

In landed-based casinos, slot machines are well programmed, so just some specific slot machines show their payout percentage and make it tough for players to know “what is the best slot machine to play?”.

Take it easy, there are already a number of forums and resources whose experienced members can help you. Try a quick search with Google to find the numbers you are looking for. 

The payout can also be known with the geographic location. Set an example of the U.S, casinos have to satisfy a minimum payout percentage that is set by the gaming authorities in the region. This means the percentage can be unstable and different among states but generally varies from 80% to 96%. Even in some areas, this number will be affected by the amount you are betting. The more you bet, the more favorable payouts are.

Loosest Slot Machines

What is a loose slot machine?

Loose slot machines and tight slot machines are widely called, but what do these two terms refer to? “Loose” or “tight” slot machines represent the payout percentage of that slot machine. 

To make a comparison between the two types of slot machines, let’s see the percentage payout. 

A loose machine pays out more frequently and at a better percentage while a tighter one offers lower RTP and pays out less often.

As a result, the looser the slots, the more favorable it is for the player. That explains why you'll often see the advertising "The Loosest Slots in Town!" in such a lucrative casino.

Beside RTP, players have to search for something that is known as the “hit frequency”. It is a number of percentages referring to how each spin leads to a winning outcome for gambling players. It can’t tell players about how much they gain, but how often a player will win money on a spin in comparison to losing. In a detailed way, with a game having 20% hit frequency, it signifies that only one in five times, a player will win a combination.

How to Find Loose Slot Machines

As the Internet nowadays is well equipped in almost every corner of the world, you can easily find the loosest slots around you. Online casinos, nevertheless, offer the best Payout because of their lower overheads than those of traditional casinos. In the situation that players come to play slots in a land-based casino, there still exist ways to find the loosest games. Read the next tips!

The loosest slots are often believed to be always placed in such most visible areas of the casino, with a view to attracting new gamblers to the winning of others and to be aspiring future players in the same action. 

Some think that machines which are near cash redemption are loose slot machines with the idea that the casino’s purpose is to make players let money out to see others winning and be lured back to the games. Having the same thinking, slots which are close to lines such as the buffet and shows are supposed not to be the best choice. It is generally said that the casino knows people coming there in order to kill time, not to play for a long time.

Slot Machine Payouts by State

Despite the fact that payout percentage is not totally revealed in specific games, there is still precious information shown on the slots that you can discover. 

Firstly, casinos in certain states must follow a minimum and maximum payout percentage set by the authorities. 

Secondly, the RTP is released and they contain all gambling machines belonging to casinos. 

Players can base on these two conditions to evaluate the slot machines among states and make up their minds to choose the loosest slot machines and those ones have the most interesting RTP.

Published: 02 November 2020 08:35