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Last updated: 05 January 2021

Slot machines are the entertainment devices of casino games. With flashing lights, compelling graphics, and chances to win big, it's no surprise that gamblers are often drawn to the reel.

A gambler can become a millionaire thanks to the wide range of incredible bonus features available on land-based slot machines. It is estimated that Las Vegas currently has more than 200,000 slot machines, which means bettors have a lot of options and great chances to win.

Criteria for Best Slot Machines

Every gambler will love different slots for different reasons, and the most popular slot machines are usually games with generous bonuses. These cool extras often give bettors a significant chance of winning. Besides, there are also many elements to make up an attractive slot:

Values ​​of Symbols

A typical feature of the attractive slots is the value that the icons offer. Each symbol's value will be individually set from low pay to high payout.

Progressive Jackpots

Progressive Jackpots are a very volatile but very engaging feature. Most online casinos offer progressive jackpot slots.


Coins and Coin Sizes

Coins are used to place bets on slot machines that gamblers are playing. Coin size determines the stake value and the amount that players win in the payout. The higher the coin size placed on the stakes, the larger the payout will be.


The higher the volatility, the fewer gamblers will win. Conversely, the rewards will be higher when the bettors manage to achieve the reels’ winning combination. The lower the volatility in a slot, the more often it succeeds, but the fewer money gamblers can get.

Return to Player (RTP)

Like volatility, the RTP will always be shown before the reel starts. The RTP can range from 90% to 98%. The lower the RTP, the higher volatility on slot machines.


Paylines are only winning combinations that can be made on one slot machine, ranging from 20 or 25 to a whopping several thousand, depending on each slot machine.

Now, let's take a look at some of the most excellent slot machines available on land-based and online casinos that have received many compliments from gamblers.

Top 5 Best Slot to Play in 2023

Buffalo Slot

Aristocrat Gaming's legendary Buffalo slot is a fantastic volatility game with 1,024 paylines. Although gamblers can win quickly, and it is easy to happen, balances can drop soon. Buffalo slot bonus rounds will help gamblers make profits with a large multiplier up to 27x. Wanna try this exciting slot without paying any money? Try Buffalo slot for free!

Zeus Slot

This Greek mythology-themed slot features 30 paylines where gamblers can win up to 100 free spins as a bonus. Potential wins from the free spins have made Zeus slot of WMS Gaming one of the hottest games on the iGaming market. Besides, subsequent releases of Zeus II slot, Zeus III slot, and Zeus: God of Thunder slot have also been well-received. Play this Zeus slot for free here.

The Walking Dead Slot

Aristocrat Gaming quickly grabbed a licensing deal from the famous movie of the same name and produced a delightful 6-reel release of The Walking Dead slot. Gamblers can be played using either the Centers for Disease Control wheel or the Atlanta wheel and have the chance to win free games and a massive $500,000 jackpot. The Walking Dead slot free version is available on our site for players to immerse themselves in!

Beverly Hillbillies Slot

The American sitcom - Beverly Hillbillies became the inspiration for IGT Gaming to create a slot machine with 20 paylines. The Millionaire Mile bonus feature in Beverly Hillbillies slot is one of the cool ones, and gamblers have to spin the code to navigate the trail and try to win as much cash as possible.

Rainbow Riches Slot

This 5 reels and 20 paylines game captures the gamblers' imagination. Initially, many players have complained that the Rainbow Riches slot does not offer free spins. However, speculators quickly realized the potential of Pots of Gold Bonus, Road to Riches Bonus, and Wishing Well Bonus, so the lack of free spins was not a big problem. The jackpot prize is the madness of the game!

Published: 05 January 2021 08:13