5 Golden Keys You Should Know to Always Win Blackjack online

December 01, 2020

It is easy and simple to win any kind of online blackjack. Discover the most popular blackjack tips and strategies in a matter of minutes and win a big buck!

It is a no-brainer that blackjack is not purely a game of chance that players can entirely base on luck to win and benefit from lucrative and appealing bonuses from the top-rated online casino sites. It is important for players to get to know the blackjack’s basic rules as well as how to play blackjack, especially when there are many variants and variations of blackjack on the market. 

However, blackjack is always blackjack, it keeps its nature with times despite the vast game types. You can undoubtedly find the most efficient way to win blackjack in this article on our CasinoMentor site. What are you waiting for? Go through everything below, and figure out the ultimate tactics to beat this exciting casino game.

Top Strategies To Win at Blackjack

Nowadays, there are a lot of blackjack strategies on the Internet, which allows players to quickly grab the key to win this casino game in just a matter of minutes. However, a quick glance at these strategies indicates that these sets of rules are a bit out of date and may be no longer practical for players to apply. Therefore, we have deeply got insights into these strategies to help players with this question.

If you have deeply understood the basic rule and how to play blackjack displayed on our site, you seem to get the first strategy to unlock the main door that can lead you to an amazing adventure of gambling ahead. Importantly, grasping the best blackjack strategies will considerably enhance your winning odds and shorten the way to blackjack conquest. 

We are proud to offer you the best strategies that are summarized and refined with care by our experts in the respective field. Mathematically, this strategy is thoughtfully calculated to help players with every hand dealt while only a card’s value of the dealer is revealed. We can say that this set of rules will maximize your chances of winning along with minimizing your loss of bets.

Let’s revise some common blackjack terms before going into the winning tips.

  • Hit: Draw another card when you can make sure that you can increase the hand value without going over 21.
  • Stand: Keep the existing cards on the hand without asking for another one.
  • Double Down: Draw just one more card, double the bet, and stand.
  • Split: If the two cards dealt have the same value, you can split them into two separate hands with equal bets. It is not usually applied to the case of two ten-value cards.
  • Surrender: If you do not like to play with your hand, you can use this option. Half of your bet will be returned.
  • Insurance: You will be asked to take insurance in case the dealer’s up card is an Ace. This will protect you from losing your money if the dealer’s hand is blackjack. If not, you will lose your bet.
  • Even Money: The dealer will ask you to take even money when you have a “natural,” and the dealer shows that he has an Ace. You cannot make sure that the dealer has a blackjack or not, so if you are not a risky player, you can choose to get a payout of 1 to 1, instead of 3 to 2.

You can also refer to all blackjack terms and how to make use of playing option strategies efficiently in our blackjack overview, such as double down strategies, blackjack split strategies.

Once you understand the dealer’s rule, it is likely that you can boost up your winning chance against the dealer. These rules may vary from casinos to casinos, but they have something in common. Read on to discover the rules:

  1. If players choose to surrender or their hand exceeds 21, the dealer automatically wins the game.
  2. Hit option will be used by the dealer when the hand value is 16 or under 16, or a soft 17 (consisting of an Ace counted as 11).
  3. Stand option will be applied by the dealer when the hand value is 18 or over, or a hard 17 (a hard hand is a hand that does not consist of an Ace or if does, Ace is worth 1).

tips how to win at blackjack

5 Essential Tips to Win Blackjack

The most awaited part of this article is here. Don’t miss anything below as it will be more practical and efficient than you can imagine. Once again, we hope that you will make use of these tips to be an all-rounded winner in terms of blackjack. 

Carefully Set Your Bankroll

There are many types of gamblers with different sizes of pockets. Therefore, it is necessary for gambling enthusiasts to set their budget in the long run before splashing real money into this comparing card game. You should keep an eye on the betting limits as each blackjack table has its own betting range and decide if your bankroll can handle fluctuations. Moreover, you should check if the casino you intend to play operates in an honest and responsible manner so that you can make sure you are able to withdraw your winnings. Don’t forget to stop at the right time when your bankroll is unaffordable.

Grab Your Chance When the Dealer’s Hand Is a Soft 17

As stated earlier, almost every casino applies the rules: the dealer will stand when they get a soft 17. Therefore, we recommend you play at the table where the dealer stops hitting another card when his total hand is worth a soft 17. Once the dealer decides to stand, the house edge decreases, and you will have more chances to win against the dealer.

Do Not Make the Insurance Wager

Although making the insurance wager sounds to be a safe solution with a 2 to 1 payout, we advise you not to make this insurance. You do not know if the face-down card of the dealer is a ten-value card or not, and as we calculate, you will be paid an amount worth less than 2 to 1 when making this wager. 

Even money is also an appealing option, and it works in a similar way as insurance. Players had better ignore it when they have already had a blackjack in the hand. 

When To Use Double Down?

Double down is used when players assume that they only need only another card to win the game. Players can take full advantage of this playing option when they have an Ace in the hand already, and the dealer shows that he has a six-value card. If you have a soft 20, you should not make use of this option. Similarly, in case the dealer’s hand has a five, you should use this option as much as possible unless you have a soft 19 or 20.

Do You Have Two Aces or Two Eight-Value Cards? Split Them!

If you are dealt two Aces or two eight-value cards, there will be nothing better than split them into two separate hands in order to increase your winning chances. 

As Ace can be counted as 1 or 11, it is understandable to choose this playing option. In the case of two eight-value cards, splitting them may not be considered a good move. However, it is truly a way for players to win big. You will be surprised to see how great your winning chances will be!

3 Popular Mistakes That Make Your Playing Session a Mess

Playing blackjack is quite simple and easy. However, sometimes you will find your playing session a mess if you make these common mistakes. We hope that the following part will be useful for blackjack lovers to avoid and make their gambling adventure an unforgettable memory.

Play Many Blackjack Variants Without Learning About Their Rules

Obviously, there are a lot of blackjack variants and variations for players to choose from, but little do players care about each variant’s set of rules. They may come with the same concept, but their rules share nothing in common. Therefore, it is important for players to get insights into the rule game before blowing their money into these types of games. 

Heading To Play Without a Strategy

As mentioned above, blackjack is not basically a game of chance, and there are always strategies to win this game. As a result, take your time to do research on this game as well as being absorbed in articles or expert guides. Thanks to that, you can make the right decisions when it comes to playing blackjack for real money. 

Keep Playing When Bankroll Is Unaffordable

Almost all players encounter this problem when they start to lose the game. Some may mistake this for the fact that the more they bet, the more winning chances they have. However, it is not the case for this situation. They are addicted and do not know to quit the game. We suggest players stick to their initial budget and not let everything go too far.

Where To Play Blackjack for Real Money and Win Instantly?

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