Doubling down is a thrilling way to play blackjack, and it may be rewarding if players use it correctly. There are times in the game where this strategy works, but not always. Therefore, beginners should be knowledgeable about this strategy in order to use it properly and increase the potential winnings.

In this article, we'll go over when you should and shouldn't double down, as well as how to make a move in a casino.

What Is Doubling Down in Blackjack?

Check out our article for what does doubling down mean, when you should and shouldn't double down, as well as how to make a move in a casino.
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In blackjack, a double down occurs when you double your stake in the middle of a hand, after which you receive just one more card.

It's dangerous because if you're given a poor card, you can't hit again and risk losing twice as many chips you place for one hand.

So, when playing blackjack, knowing when to double down is critical. Theoretically, it's all about striking the correct balance between playing it safe and taking the risk, and the decision is up to you. 

When to Double Down in Blackjack?

Our blackjack experts have studied the game for many years and conducted the best strategies for using this move. Specifically, you should double down in the following cases:

When Your Cards Total 11

This is because you have a great possibility of hitting 21; even if you don't, you're likely to obtain a score close to it.

When You Have A Soft 16, 17, Or 18 (This Means That You Have A Card Plus An Ace)

In this situation, you should typically only double down if the dealer has a weaker up-faced card than yours.

You could be tempted to stay where you are, especially with a soft 18, but there is a good possibility that you can improve your hand with a single card.

When You Have a Hard 9 or 10 (“Hard” Describes a Hand With No Ace)

Only when the dealer is presenting a low card, once again. You'll be in good condition versus the dealer if you obtain a decently high card.

Note: Please remember that things will not always go your way when you double down. However, if utilized correctly, the strategy will enhance your gains over time.

When Should You Not Double Down?

Here's a no-brainer thing for avoiding this strategy in blackjack: never double down when the dealer has an ace.

Simply explained, the odds of them getting a blackjack is just too great. Even if they check and don't have blackjack, they'll almost certainly wind up with a total close to 21.

You should never double down when displaying anything more significant than an 11 since the odds of going broke are too high. It is preferable to just hit or stick on a smaller total and hope the dealer goes broke.

When Should You Not Double Down?
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If you're ever undecided whether to double down, choose the safe route and leave your wager alone. Some players at a table will constantly double down, and these are generally the ones that are losing a lot of money.

You shouldn't be doubling down on the vast majority of hands; only take the risk if you're clearly ahead of the dealer.

Some Common Questions for Doubling Down in Blackjack

We receive a lot of inquiries regarding doubling down in blackjack, so we've answered the most popular ones below. Check them out if you're still wondering about doubling down in blackjack.

Can You Double Down After Splitting?

Usually, you will not be able to double down after splitting, but certain online casinos will enable you to do so.

If you have the option to double down after splitting, follow the same decision-making process you would use to evaluate any other hand handed to you.

Can You Double Down After Hitting?

You will almost never be able to double down after hitting. This is because it would offer the gambler an unfair advantage over the casino.

Once you've hit, you won't be able to do anything else except hit again; you also won't be able to split or receive insurance.

Is There Any Requirement on Double Down From the Casino

Usually, the casino will not have any requirements when you want to double down. As for the players, when trying to double down in blackjack, you simply need to do one thing: place a stack of chips next to your first stake. This stack must be worth the same as your opening bet.

If placing the extra chips onto the table doesn't work, just tell the dealer you want to double down and gesture with one finger to indicate that you want one more card.

Should You Always Double Down on 11?

It is definitely a Yes! This is a great strategy to make money in blackjack, especially if you are a beginner.


This article has summed up everything you need to know about double downs in blackjack, when you should use them, and when this strategy works against you. Also, if you have other questions about the world of casino games, our website has in-depth tutorials to help you improve your knowledge and odds of winning.

Published: 02 August 2022 10:59