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Sudan Gambling Act May Affect Residents

You may not be aware of it but online gaming is legal in almost all the Muslim countries such as Sudan, Iran, and Mauritania. According to an article published in the Wall Street Journal, a man from Sudan was recently prosecuted for operating an online poker room in Jeddah, the capital of South Sudan. Apparently, this man operated a popular online poker room, which was shut down within hours after the local authorities launched a coordinated hunt against online gaming websites.

The government of Sudan ordered a halt to all online gambling operations in Jeddah and all other cities across the country soon after the execution of these sweeping arrests. As we have noted before, Sudan is an Islamic country which, in addition to its Shariah laws, lives by the strict Sharia law which, in turn, highly prohibits all forms of gambling. In fact, it is very difficult for players from these Islamic countries to find even legal gambling destinations in the US and Europe because such countries do not recognize or permit the operation of such enterprises in the Muslim-dominated regions. It is this very ban on gambling that has led many players from Islamic countries to move to casinos in South Africa, especially since most of the country's Muslim leaders to ban such gambling altogether.

Online Gambling Movement in the Country

However, it is not only the ban on gambling that leads residents of these Islamic countries to migrate to the city where they can now enjoy a little bit of wealth in the form of card or computer games. Most of these Islamic traders in South Africa are from very poor backgrounds and cannot afford to risk their hard earned money in an endeavor that may just lose them everything. However, they realize that it is much better to risk a few dollars in a card game than to risk millions of dollars in an effort to become rich. This is why a large number of young men from the Islamic countries of Morocco and Sudan are now trying to make a quick fortune by setting up shop in what is considered to be one of the most promising cities in Africa. Indeed, the city of Khayyam is now home to some of the biggest card and casino games operators in Africa. And with a number of newly set up casinos, these young men will soon be able to earn enough money to fulfill their dreams of becoming self-employed or even wealthy.

Despite the efforts of the Sudan government, some authorities have taken steps to impose stricter laws against Khayyam in an attempt to curb the growing illegal gambling industry. Recently, a bill was introduced in the National Assembly requesting the government to implement immediate measures to prohibit the operation of all casinos in Khayyam. Authorities fear that the introduction of this law could further jeopardize the interests of the private sector in Khayyam who have welcomed the growth of the local casinos in recent years. The main concern over the Khayyam casinos is that the Khayyam resident may not be able to enjoy his or her civil and cultural rights if he or she were to be deprived of his or her right to gamble. Many residents of Khayyam fear that the introduction of harsh Islamic law will once again divide the community and further complicate the already fragile situation of the community.

Billie Noble
Last updated: 27 December 2020