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New Caledonia
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Billie Noble
Author Guarantor: Billie Noble Last updated: 22 December 2020

New Caledonia, a territory of Mexico, is known for its fabulous resorts, beautiful beaches, and rich cultural heritage. New Caledonia offers a lot of opportunities for visitors who would like to enjoy gambling and drinking. Although it is still illegal to play any game in the country, the authorities do not prohibit players from playing land-based casinos on the territory. 

New Regulations For New Caledonia Online Casinos

On the other hand, Casino gambling in New Caledonia is not regulated clearly according to the law. New Caledonia online gambling regulations and laws can be browsed through the Internet.

The Internet allows players to access the different kinds of gambling available in New Caledonia completely legally. Although no land-based casinos are allowed in New Caledonia, some of them have started to open. These casinos have brought some changes in terms of New Caledonia online gambling regulations and laws. First, all the games available for playing in New Caledonia online are completely legal. Secondly, the minimum deposits required for playing in a casino are now required to be deposited in a foreign currency. This has ensured that the local casino owners will not suffer any financial losses and will instead be able to earn more profits.

The other major change in New Caledonia online gambling laws is the law that permits only licensed foreign operators to operate casinos in New Caledonia starting from February 1, 2020. The law also states that only registered foreign operators may register new foreign operators on Caledonian soil. This law was imposed to prevent foreign syndicates and criminals to run casinos in New Caledonia and it also protects the residents of the country from online gambling activities.

New Caledonia online casinos also have to follow the New Caledonia laws regarding taxes. The tax for gaming is computed based on the gross revenue of the casino operator. However, there are no specified formulas for computation and each area of New Caledonia has its own local taxes. The tax on gaming is almost double that on slot machines. In order to attract customers, most casinos charge higher taxes on slot machines.

New Caledonia online casinos are expected to follow all the local and national gambling laws and observe all regulations stipulated by the government. All operators will be required to acquire a license from the Government of New Caledonia and every five years, they must complete a form that guarantees compliance with their licensing obligations. New Caledonia's Department of Revenue manages the registration of new operators and collects the corresponding taxes from the operators.