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Macedonia is located in the Southeast of Europe on the Balkan Peninsula, with more than 2 million. Macedonia is a former Yugoslav member state and gained independence in 1991.

Currently, Macedonia has 7 land-based casino establishments operating, and gambling operations in Macedonia are legal for gamblers over 18. By law, online casinos are also considered legal in Macedonian.

While the betting games are exclusive by the Macedonian government, it is still a country that does better than most other EU countries by offering more play options to bettors.

Gambling Laws in Macedonia

Under the Gambling Law in Macedonia, casino activities, licensing, and promoting gambling have to be fair and responsible. Although games on online casinos have expanded significantly, the betting industry laws in Macedonia have yet to be fully refined. Still, authorities are slowly keeping an eye on the matter.

Although laws have been put in place, the iGaming market is currently controlled by the Law on games of chance and entertainment 2011. The law states that gambling is legal in Macedonia including gambling, lottery, slot machines, instant lottery, and sports betting. If over 18 years old, bettors can participate in all types of bets above.

The legal regulations on online games in Macedonia are still in their infancy. According to initial drafts, the Macedonian government owns at least 51% of the operators involved in particular online casinos.

Macedonian is planning to open a monopoly business that will be set up to control the activities of the betting industry. However, this will potentially limit the freedom of gamblers as they can only entertain on legitimate betting sites issued by the Macedonian government.

To check illegal gambling activities, institutions in Macedonian must be licensed by the republic's office and the Ministry of Finance, and the paperwork usually lasts up to 9 months. On request, the applicant must have a minimum capital amount of 2,500,000 Euros or an equivalent amount in local currency. Besides, whether as an individual or a group of operating partners, the institution must provide a financial guarantee of at least 300,000 Euro in the Macedonian National Bank.

For casino operators, gaming rooms and casinos must be suitably equipped according to the Macedonian standards set forth and not located near educational facilities.

The 2013 Game and Chances Law provides a series of measures aimed at protecting players, although not on par with the developed markets of other European countries. Therefore, online operators are required to submit the rules, measures, and protocols of the gambling game, as well as the security of transactions, accounting systems, computer programs, registration licenses, and other security monitoring solutions for the Macedonian Finance Ministry.

Macedonian betting organizations are obliged to check the identity, age, residence, and payment cards of online players. The operator also has a duty to permanently warn about possible gambling addiction. Players in Macedonian will also be banned from playing if there is an excessive frequency of play, stake, and loss.

Gambling Events in Macedonia

In communist times in Macedonia, gambling games were banned and there was only one lottery allowed by the state for betting since 1972.

Gambling experts say that since Macedonia is one of the poorest countries on the Balkan peninsula, local residents here love to play betting games. Hence, both large and small casinos can be operated in the city center as Macedonian laws are quite lax.

The first online casino in Macedonia was, which was officially launched in 2015, is operated by the Macedonian government and Casino Austria. 

So far there is no indication that the Macedonian government will decide to ban or restrict access to gambling games, and online casinos remain a public entertainment in this country.

Since 2005, Macedonian has become a member of the European Union (which has an open-minded attitude towards the virtual gambling entertainment industry). In keeping with EU legislation, the Macedonian government will restrict regulations on online casinos.

Payment Methods

In Macedonia online casinos, players are not required to wager with real money. One of the benefits at online casinos is the free play mode. For real money bettors, online casinos in Macedonia will offer a wide variety of cash prizes and jackpots.

If the player is to win, they will have many options for the withdrawal method. Casinos come with many secure payment systems. Some popular, safe and reputable means of payment are: Credit card (Visa, MasterCard or Maestro), e-wallet, bank transfer, etc.

Billie Noble
Last updated: 23 November 2020