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Kyrgyzstan is a country in West Asia that has existed for more than 2000 years. Still, the country has a long history of being ruled by others and gained independence after the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991. Since then, there has been quite a bit of upheaval in the country. This is primarily driven by ethnic combat. 

Kyrgyzstan is believed to be a West Asian country with many gamblers proportional to its population. In Osh alone, with only about 250,000, there were more than 500 gambling rooms (both legal and illegal) before the new law.

Gambling Restrictions in Kyrgyzstan

In general, Kyrgyzstan has a dim online gambling law as the only relevant law was passed in 2011 and went into effect on the first day of 2012, and it does not mention online gambling laws. Instead, it appears to focus primarily on land-based gambling activities. There is no real clarity on the matter, so online gambling laws are in a volatile state. 

Therefore, this has not created the most stable environment for gambling proliferation. Although it is a predominantly Muslim country, gambling is prevalent in Kyrgyzstan. Despite this, Congress passed a law in 2012 to shut down many casinos and gambling rooms in this country. 

Before that, although Kyrgyzstan still had many legitimate gambling venues, underground gambling was rampant. In the years leading up to the ban, there was a battle between gambling regulators and authorities, who regularly shut these black market establishments. However, their best efforts were not enough, so they decided to ban them all. 

Kyrgyzstan also has allegations of corruption, including several illegal gambling facilities owned by members of the National Assembly, the group itself outlawed.

Sports betting is massive in Kyrgyzstan, and it has a lot of live betting shops and some online websites also operate overseas, and not this had even slowed down when the new law was passed, causing all of this becomes illegal.

Kyrgyzstan government is currently having some serious talk about legalizing things again and reaps some revenue from all of this. Rather than leaving it, all things are illegal and outside of their tax jurisdiction.

Before gambling is illegal, gambling proceeds are subject to a 70% income tax rate, one of the big reasons why most of this money goes underground. However, money gamblers earned from illegal gambling are tax-free.

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Billie Noble
Last updated: 20 December 2020