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Casino Accepts Players from: Eritrea
Currency: Eritrean Nakfa (ERN)
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Eritrea is officially known as the State of Eritrea, located in the Horn of Africa, on the Red Sea coast. Eritrea is a one-party presidential republic where the last election was held in 1993.

Islam is one of the main religions in Eritrea, with half of the country's population identified as Muslim. Gambling, or maisir, is strictly prohibited according to the Quran and is considered a craft by Satan.

Overview of Gambling Laws in Eritrea

The country has two primary laws. The first law, Eritrea Criminal Code, says nothing about gambling, does not talk about land games or plays in the Eritrean online casinos. The second law is Shariah law since Eritrea is primarily a Muslim country. According to Koran, people are not allowed to engage in gambling activity regardless of whether they are doing it for money or entertainment. 

Since there are no traditional casinos in the country, it can be argued that the Eritrean government's attitude toward gambling coincides with that of Islamic religion and that gambling on the mainland could be considered illegal. However, it is not specified in the documents.

In general, there is no legal gambling in Eritrea. Since the African nation established independence in 1993, there has been a one-party nationalist governance system and a ban on continued political activity.

Internet penetration in Eritrea is one of the smallest in Africa. The control of the Internet and other media in general places the country second among the least communicative countries globally, right behind North Korea. According to the country's Penal Code, any gambling activity in Eritrea is prohibited. Although it is not explicitly banned, the Eritrean Penal Code provisions make online gambling in Eritrea also illegal.

Eritrea online gambling is legal, but unfortunately, online gambling laws in Eritrea do not exist. There is no way for casinos to obtain an Eritrea online gambling license, so there are no legitimate online casinos for Eritrea players, meaning Eritrea online gambling is in the gray zone. Most reputable Eritrea online casinos licensed in other countries are willing to accept bets from Eritrea players, and it should be no problem finding an Eritrea safe online casino.

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Billie Noble
Last updated: 17 April 2021