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Billie Noble
Author Guarantor: Billie Noble Last updated: 24 May 2022

Bermuda comprises 181 volcanic islands located in the Atlantic Ocean, 1000 off the United States coast. Bermuda is one of 14 British Overseas Territories. Although the country shares a large part of its culture and identity with Britain, Bermuda still has the right to pass its laws.

In 2009, a challenge to allow it was rejected by the Bermuda Parliament. Casino-style slot machines that have been popular in bars and pubs have even been outlawed since 2004. However, betting is allowed in bingo, lottery, horse racing, and Dog racing, as well as English and American football.

Gambling Laws Developments in Bermuda

The Bermuda government released a report assessing the possibility of small-scale gambling introductions in 2010. The report argues that gambling taxes will generate revenue and boost tourism. But in May 2010, a survey by a research firm in Bermudian found that nearly half of residents did not support gambling legalization. However, 47% agree that casinos will improve travel.

bermuda online casino

Until the government decides to introduce new legislation, gambling is not allowed on cruise ships when docked in Bermuda, meaning casinos must be closed for the duration of their stay. In-flight entertainment and shows must also be completed by law unless the Bermudians provide them. It is a way for Bermuda to encourage tourists to buy cruise ships to spend money in Bermuda, not just onboard.

In 2014, a new, controversial casino law was passed. The main reason for the legalization of casinos in Bermuda is the expected tax revenue and the positive effects on the country’s tourism. The Casino Act of 2014 legalized gambling, except for poker, in Bermuda. It stipulates that the maximum number of casinos in Bermuda is limited to 3 casinos, and they must be operated as a part of the hotel.

Online gambling sites based in Bermuda are required to have a license to operate. Since no such permit has been issued, no online gambling companies are operating outside of Bermuda, and there are no licensed online casinos in Bermuda.  

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