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Belarus is located in Eastern Europe and borders Russia. The Belarusian government has legalized gambling under the Ministry of Tourism and Sports after gaining independence in 1991. The aim of the gambling rule reform in Belarus is to improve tourism.

Although Belarus allows land-based casinos, online games are still banned, making it difficult to access or operate online gaming platforms. In addition, it is illegal for Belarus players to use foreign entertainment sites to participate in online gambling games in this country.

However, you can refer to our top casinos with detailed reviews to see which casino is worth a try on the market.

Laws of Gambling in Belarus 

The decree from the Belarusian president was announced in 2007 to increase the number of legitimate lottery companies in the country, allowing private lottery shops in the region and National level for purchase by state-owned lottery game providers.

All gambling facilities in Belarus are required to comply with all legal requirements to provide reasonable and safe gaming opportunities for bettors.

All online casinos are prohibited in Belarus. Belarus laws do not approve online gaming platforms; even those who participate in these casinos will be charged with a criminal offense and subject to severe fines. While foreign-based online gaming casinos are not permitted to operate in Belarus, some of these foreign platforms are licensed in some areas of Belarusian players.

There is a state-owned online gambling platform established by the Government of Belarus, which aims to take advantage of tax returns from legitimate and licensed online gambling activities.

The lottery is the only legalized online game. The Belarusian National Sports Lottery is the only company authorized to offer online lottery games.

Land-based casinos are legalized in Belarus, and today there are more than 32 casinos across the country offering a wide range of betting entertainment for all Belarusians over 18, including tourists.

Belarus has about 300 gambling rooms located in different regions. Private lottery shops that are allowed to sell tickets to the state-owned lottery game vendors are also available throughout Belarus.

In general, three types of betting are legalized by Belarusian law, including casino games (blackjack, roulette, poker, etc.), slot machines, and betting.

Gambling Events in Belarus

Although online casinos in Belarus have yet to be approved, Belarusian bettors still believe there is no reason their country will ban online betting organizations forever.

Unlike Ukraine and Russia that have entirely banned gambling, Belarus is the exact opposite. In 2016, the Belarusian government initiated the establishment of an offshore entertainment area, making it possible for online operators abroad to register for business and to locate physical servers. Although this idea has yet to be implemented, the reality shows that the Belarusian authorities still intend to establish a bright future for online casinos.

As for the Belarusian offline casinos, facilities in Minsk are top-rated, not only for locals but also for foreign tourists (mainly visitors from Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, and Turkey).

Casino operators must adhere to all strict rules and have to pay a registration fee of 500 x 25.5 Belarusian rubles.

Payment Methods

Every entertaining bettor at online casinos needs to find the right payment solution to provide an uninterrupted betting experience. Although players in Belarus can't use PayPal, most online casinos still offer some other reliable deposit methods.

At roulette sites, if gamblers want to top up their accounts and play their favorite roulette games with real money, then useful payment methods like Debit card, Credit card, Prepaid card, or E-wallet are safe options.

However, it should be noted that there will be some methods that may not be available for specific promotions. So it is better that you check the terms and conditions carefully.

In addition, we recommend using the Skrill E-wallet as it has reliable features and is extremely secure. Skrill will anonymize the player and banking information. On the other hand, customer protection policies are excellent as well.

Billie Noble
Last updated: 24 May 2022