Eduardo Muthu is currently one of the leading casino analysts at CasinoMentor. His responsibilities are to make sure that casino-related information such as payment methods, bonuses and promotions, game selections, and other important factors we present to our visitors from the USA is relevant to them and accurate

Regarding his background, he has been a veteran journalist and digital media executive for 20 years. Eduardo graduated with a good degree in Media and Communication from a prestigious university in the USA. He has a passion, as well as experience analyzing and evaluating online casino-related issues for many major gambling-related newspapers for almost 10 years. 

He started his career as a journalist but entered the casino industry more than a decade ago. Eduardo Muthu is a gambling enthusiast but careful, he has also focused on responsible gambling.

Being an expert and has been working in this industry for years. He is fully aware of the negative impact of gambling addiction can cause on people's lives. That's why he is trying to evaluate and produce high-quality content and the listing of pros and cons. What he is doing to protect and help gamblers gambler in a safe and smart way.