What is A Lucky 15 Bet - Lucky 15 Bet Guidelines

April 04, 2020

A Lucky 15 bet is made up of 15 bets in total with four sets in different contests. he corresponding bet includes four single bets, six double bets, four triple bets, and 1 four-fold.

All You Need to Know about Lucky 15 Bet: Their Explanation and how they work

A Lucky 15, as the name suggests, is made up of 15 bets in total with four sets in different contests. The corresponding bet includes four single bets, six double bets, four triple bets whereas only a single four-bet game. Outcomes are rewarded as a commiseration to level the odds if only one set is won. However, if all four games are won, the total outcome further gets an addition of 20% of the bonus.

  • One famous way to gamble on various sports is by following the Lucky 15 Bet game.
  • Overall, there are 15 bets (as the name says) with four different sets.
  • It is done in order to increase the chance of the outcome of a gamble.

This article provides you with an extensive guide on Lucky 15 Bet and will take you through its brief explanation and working.

You basically gamble 15 bets, on four different sets in a Lucky 15 Bet game. If the placing cost is of £1 in a single Lucky 15 Bet, then it would cost around £15.

The total winning amount from Lucky 15 Bet depends upon the type of set you have won along with the chances of each of them. Since a Lucky 15 Bet consists of single bets, so for an outcome on a bet, you only have to win one game from the four sets. However, the occurrence of it is shallow that only one selection is won, so the original bet is covered.

Collectively, those 15 bets are composed of four single bets, six double bets, four triple bets, and a single four bets to be placed at once. It means that out of those total 15 bets, you will bet for only one team for the first four bets. Next, after these four, you can bet on two teams at the same time, and you can do this six times. Then you can place bets on three groups at once, and finally only one time, you can set your bet amount on four teams at once.

Benefits of Lucky 15 Bet

One significant advantage of Lucky 15 bet is that within many attempts of bet, it minimizes the stake of losing one set. In case one selection is not won, only then the old way was to lose it all. If you place your bets smartly such that their winning probability is high, then there will be a higher occurrence of a positive outcome on your bet in Lucky 15. Moreover, with those single four bets, the benefit is that placing a bet on them is risky, but has a higher prize back.

However, if we look on the other side, that is the disadvantage of Lucky 15, it is that there is a higher risk in it. With a total of 15 bets in hand, so the cost of gambling, Lucky 15 can be very expensive. However, if you see overall, the chance of winning is still worth this high risk.

Is doing an Each Way Lucky 15 possible?

Yes. It is possible to do an each-way Lucky 15.

In the each-way scenario, there will be a total of 30 bets (2 * 15 bets). The first 15 bets are to win, will be the same as we have discussed above, whereas the remaining 15 will be placed for the set.

Comparison: Difference Between a Lucky 15 and a Yankee

Yankee bets also allow you to place bets in four different sets. But there is a major difference. This is that Lucky 15 has 15 bets whereas, on the other hand, Yankee has a total of 11 bets.

A lucky 15 bet has the 11 bets ( six double bets, four triple bets and one four ) but also has extra four bets. These four bets are those four singles bets that are left from the selection as discussed above. This is the reason why Lucky 15 bets are risky, but in return, they also have to offer you a more significant outcome or return if you win.

 What to conclude Lucky 15 bet

In a nutshell, a Lucky 15 bet has a total of 15 bets which are to be placed in four different sets. These four sets include four single bets, six double bets, four triple bets and lastly a four-bet game. This game is famous due to its high-value outcome as compared to the old gambling techniques.