What is Double Chance Betting?

April 03, 2020

A double chance bet, which is offered at most football betting sites. With a single stake, Double Bets allows you to back two of the outcomes.

What is Double Chance Betting?

Are you able to experience a match in your life about which you are sure that it will not end up in a draw?

In double chance betting, you have the liberty to put your stakes at two possible results in single spending. We will consider football as a medium to explain double chance betting, as there are three possible outcomes of the football match. The results can be either of the team winning (it becomes two possible results), and the third result can be the match ending with the same goals i.e., a draw.

What are the Principles of Double Chance Betting?

Let's consider an example to start with double chance betting. Manchester United and Burnley teams will be playing at Old Trafford, which means that Machester United is the home team. The betting guide shows that Burnley will win the game because of its exceptional form and Machester United's downfall in form.

If you spend all your stakes on Burnley win, then it could be a risky step, yet spending money on Burnley win or draw could be on the safe side. While making a double chance bet, you don't need to worry about the draw and loss of your bet.

What are the Pros and Cons of a Double Chance Bet?

Double Chance Bet enhances the possibility of winning significantly. It gives bet maker's assurance because they will be able to combine two separate options. Bettors can make use of these options until there is no chance for the team to lose the game. In this way, a bettor can make some money.

In double chance betting, the probability of winning is higher, which makes it less risky as compared to other in-playing bettings. 

As there is less risk in double chance bet comparing with 1X2 bet risk, so you may get cut from the amount. A double chance bet is most prevalent in Football as it lowers the chances of losing, and it gives two separate choices for combining. 

What are the Viable Markets for Double Chance Betting?

We are going to describe three leading strategies that you can apply for double chance betting. 

For example, we will consider Manchester City and Chelsea football teams. The venue of the match is Stamford Bridge, which means that the home team is Chelsea. 

You have three strategies that you can apply for betting. Let me show you the list of procedures: -

  1. Draw or Chelsea Win (Draw or Home Team Win)
  2. Manchester City Win or Draw (Away Team or Draw)
  3. Manchester City Win or Chelsea Win (Away Team or Home Team Win)

Now I will show you how to cover possible outcomes for winning the bet? 

Let's consider the first betting strategy, and you will win the bet if Chelsea wins the match or game results in a draw. In a second way, you will win the bet if Manchester city wins over Chelsea or the match ends with no result. In the third strategy, you will win if either of the team wins. It means that you will lose the double chance bet if the match ends with a draw. While doing double chance betting, it is essential to see the current form of both teams. 

Double chance betting gives more value when you bet on an underrated team. It would be best if underdogs away team wins the match: it is because the underdog can have a good value or a gambler may see the other side be very under-rated.

Few betting websites advise bettors not to make a double chance bet when two top teams are playing because they think it is not worthwhile. However, it can be profitable if you are at a betting website that offers cash for winning.

Who can do Betting on the Double Chance Market?

Double Chance Market is profitable for a lot of gamblers because there is a lower risk in double chance betting. Some people find it exciting and it is not much popular.

Double chance betting is suitable for both who don't want to take much risk and for money spender's, as there are more possibilities of winning. It will, without a doubt, alleviate the shorter costs that you'll see in this market.

Tips to Find the Best Opportunities for Double Chance Betting

There are various best double chance betting websites such as William Hill, Betfair, Bet365, and BetVictor. These websites are best because they publish the best fixtures for double chance betting.

There are many tutorials available that can help you calculate the chances of winning and cover the possible results. If you follow these tutorials effectively, you can create an ideal betting strategy with a different number of betters over several bookies.

Now the question arises, does double chance betting worth the time? Presently, this is the highest purpose of conflict for the more significant part of you because at the core of any punter's usual way of doing things is the opportunity for extended haul benefits for when the team which you support wins the game.

Double chance betting can be a fantastic option for risky games. It is because the general chances will be higher, the shorter cost double chance market won't appear an over the top sham. It is also considered a decent sort of bet to place in your accumulator bets, mainly in football, as the double chance betting is more popular.

Finally, some likewise state that it is a decent supplement for handicap betting. If you combine it with the overall betting strategy, it will lead you to enhance the chances of winning and long-term benefits.


Double chance betting is the best type of bet as it involves less risk. It is ideal for betting on matches in which it is difficult to decide whether the team will win or not. It is also suitable for betting on under-rated teams.

Tie matches are not standard as compared to wins; however, they can be considered into this betting for more enormous benefits. The double chance market is always best until there are three possible outcomes in sports. 

We picked football to explain double chance betting, as it covers all the three possible options that suit double bet. You must keep in mind that there's less difficulty in double chance betting as compared to win or draw only bettings. However, you can improve your overall betting strategy making by choosing the right fixtures to bet, and you will be able to win bets as well.