What does Over/Under Mean in Betting?

April 03, 2020

Total Bets are generally considered as Over/Under Bets which is simple to bet. In this guide, you will know more on strategy for Over/Under bets.

Understanding Over/Under Bets

Total Bets are generally considered as Over/Under Bets. Sportsbooks and Media both use the name wager, as it is exchangeable. From a list of bets made in the sportsbook, totals bet is the most famous one and simple to make. The most renowned bet is to pick winners. Over/Under Bets are involved in almost all the prominent professional and international sports, i.e., basketball, football, hockey, and baseball.

Over/Under betting is simple. You have to choose whether the total of points scored by both teams will be Over or Under the aggregate of points to be scored. The fantastic feature of total betting is that it does not depend on the winner or loser of the game. The main thing which is taken into account is the number of points scored. Points include runs, goals, and so on.

The total points are generally at -110 bet before the beginning of game betting over or under. Wagerers has to bet 110$ for winning 100$ for a pre-game Over/Under Bet. If the Wagerers start betting more on one side of the total, then there is a chance that the money line may change before the real points total moves. A point comes when the sportsbook is reset, the total is reversed, and the money line is moved back to -110 bet.

Let's consider an example from Super Bowl 54 odds

The over/under bet for this particular game at Sportsbook of Draft Kings started at 53, which is subject to change. Bettors who will bet on Over Bet, they can win their bet if the total points scored exceeds 53 points.

If the points remain under 53 then the Under bettors will be called the winner. If the total points become equal to 53 points (like 30-23), then the Bet will push, and bets will be refunded.

As there is a significant increase in sports betting options, over/under bets, have also included more betting options. Wagering an absolute is never again just accessible for pre-game wagers. There might be Over/Under bets available for individual teams, during live betting, incomplete games, and during in-play betting.

A fractional game all-out maybe a bet on what number of points will be scored in a specific timespan. In the interim, in-play wagers could be a balanced total for the whole game.

Where you can gambler on Over/Under Bets

More example of Over/Under Bets

Although Totals and Over/Under might be utilized reciprocally for scoring, there is also an alternative method to make Over/Under wagers. An Over/Under wager can likewise be a recommendation wagered where there's a bet made on a particular event. A boxing match is a genuine model since scoring isn't exactly equivalent to the significant games:

Roman Reigns challenges John Cena to a fight

The fight between them will last 9.5 rounds

  • Over (-110)
  • Under (-110)

Roman Reigns won the match against John Cena and Over bettors won this bet, as the game ended in the 10th round by technical knockout. If the fighter had won, the game earlier than under bettors would have been considered the winner.

Nowadays, Over/Under bets are not only available for major North American sports but are widely available for many other sports as well. For example, for auto racing, the number of laps completed by the driver will be considered for Over/Under bets, and for fights, game completion rounds are considered.

The opportunities for Over/Under bets are prop wagers are just restricted by the creative mind. Sportsbook administrators keep on growing their wagering menu with one of a kind wagers that incorporate new Totals and Over/Under alternatives.