How does American bet ( Moneyline bet) work?

March 31, 2020

Money line odds, known as an American odds. They are very well-known for its easy nature. Read our full Moneyline bet guide to understand this odd on different sport like baseball, MMA.

What Is A Moneyline Bet?

Sports betting has become so common nowadays and has taken the world by storm. The gambling industry revolves around betting odds and their understanding and usage in all betting events. Moneyline betting refers to the American betting odds system which is quite popular all over the USA and is even expanding to the rest of the world.

Moneyline bets are only centered around one single component - the winner of the betting match or event. Bettors must simply choose the team or player which they think will win and if the bettors select the winning side, they will receive the due amount from the sportsbook.

Moneyline odds are represented in the form of a number assigned to each playing team which is accompanied by either a plus (+) or a minus (-) sign. One team is known as the favorite while the other is termed as the underdog in the match.

To tell apart which is which, always look out for the plus and minus signs. The underdog will have the plus (+) sign next to their odds number and is the team expected to lose the game while the favorite team will be denoted using the minus (-) sign and is expected to win the game.

The numbers given to each player signifies what amount you would have to bet so that you could win $100. Let’s say Team A and Team B are playing against each other in a tennis match. Team A opened at +200 while Team B opened at -300, which makes Team A the underdog and Team B the favorite.

Now, all you need to understand is that you have to bet $100 on Team A to win $200 with a total payout of $300 while you will wager $300 on Team B to win a profit of $100 with a total payout of $400. The bettors usually prefer to pick underdog more like this part of the moneyline bet has a higher payout compared to a bet on the favorite.

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Moneyline Betting in Baseball

Moneyline betting is seen a lot in baseball matches on all the major online sportsbooks. An example of how Moneyline betting works in baseball is as follows:

Let’s say, we have two teams with the betting odds:

  • Oakland A’s (-160)
  • Texas Rangers (+110)

The favorite team here is the Oakland A’s while the underdog is the Texas Rangers. In terms of rewards, you will win $100 if you risk $160 on the Oakland A’s which will bring your total payout to $260 ($160 as your initial investment and $100 as your profit.) If the favorite team happens to lose, you will also lose your initial wager of $160.

Now, if you place a wager on the Rangers, you will have to risk $100 on them to win $110 as profit, which makes your total payout of $210 ($100 initial investment and $110 profit). If Oakland loses, you will lose your initial bet money of $100.

Moneyline Betting in MMA

MMA Moneyline betting is as simple and easy as other sports. In MMA matches, your aim is to predict the fighter whom you think will win the match. Here is an example of how Moneyline betting works in MMA matches:

There are two fighters in an event:

  • Daniel Cormier (-350)
  • Max Holloway (+225)

The favorite expected to win here is Daniel Cormier with the odds of -350. To win $100, you need to risk $350 on the fighter, making your final payout of $450. You can also bet for less which would require you to risk $3.50 to win every $1.00.

If you bet on the underdog fighter of the match, Max Holloway who’s betting odds are +225, you must bet $100 to make a profit of $225, which would bring your total winnings to $325. So, for every $1.00 you wager, you will win $2.25 as profit.

Moneyline Betting in Hockey

Moneyline betting is fairly common during the renowned National Hockey League where odds are given based on the predictions of the winning and losing teams. The odds are established by the bookmakers with great thought put into it. They consider a number of factors such as the team’s previous playing scores, the home team, previous and current team rankings, strong goalies and best players, etc.

The following is an example of Moneyline betting on a NHL match between two teams:

  • The New York Rangers (-190)
  • The Chicago Black Hawks (+135)

The New York Rangers are the favorite in this case, which is denoted by the minus (-) sign while the Chicago Black Hawks are the underdog. Now, if you bet $190 on the Rangers, you will make a stunning profit of $100, or in other terms, for every $1.90 you risk, you will win $1.00. If the Rangers happen to lose the game, you will lose your initial wager completely.

As for the Hawks, to make $135 worth in profit profits, you must wager $100 on this team. Hence, for every $1.00 that you bet on the Hawks, you will make $1.35 of winnings. As the risk of betting on the Chicago Black Hawks is more, so the payout is also bigger.


There is no limit as to how much or how little you can bet on the underdog or the favorite, as long as you understand how the moneyline betting odds work. Once you get the grip of it and realize the format of the odds system, Moneyline betting becomes quite easy and a lot of fun too. There is something greater and immensely thrilling about taking risks based on who you predict will be the winner of the event. 

Moneyline bets have become quite popular and are preferred over fractional and decimal odds systems now in many parts of the world. The bookmakers already provide you with pre-set odds and all you have to do is comprehend them, figure out how much money you will win through each team, and bet on the one you have great hope for.