Hayley Turner OBE joins MansionBet

March 20, 2020

As per an announcement made by MansionBet, Hayley Turner (triple group one winning jockey) will be the new racing representative. She’ll work as an ambassador. Hayley’s achievements are higher than we’re thinking right now. She has won 1500 flat races and she’s one of the most popular female jockeys. 

Hayley Turner

In an interview, Hayley stated that she’s excited about being a part of upcoming season. She was also excited about riding different and new horses. She stated that she’ll bear a restrictive week by week column of weekend racers and she’ll keep showing herself through the social media channels of MansionBet.

Hayley signed an agreement, according to which she has to make content through the company’s web and social channels. She will articles and blogs. 

Head of Integrated marketing at the mansion, Dana Bocker says that their excitement level is very high as they’re working with a popular personality in horse racing. She admired Hayley and said that she shows great passion for her work and own a very beautiful and attractive voice. She called Hayley a great asset of MansionBet.

As Hayley is fulfilling her part as an ambassador. She will ride out in MansionBet branded breeches. This will start yesterday at races, Wolverhampton.  The declaration of sportsbook moreover expresses the brand after increasing its sponsorship with HRI last month, providing MansionBet with more than 60 occasions. Horse racing aside, Mansion group increased the company’s level with a new sponsorship with Millwall.