COVID 19: Suspension of Casinos and Gaming Operations in Manila by PAGCOR

March 27, 2020

As COVID 19 spread in Philippine, PAGCOR shuts down all the casinos and sportsbooks in Manila as a safety measure.


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COVID 19 has turned the world into fear, and governments are taking precautionary measures for the protection of their citizens.

When the news arrived about the COVID 19 spread in Philippine, the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp (PAGCOR) shuts down all the casinos and gaming operations in Manila as a safety measure.

The shutdown orders will apply on all the activities which are under PAGCOR like sports betting, slot machine, casinos, bingo, and electronic game clubs. The suspension will continue until the next orders by the government. 

“PAGCOR will stop operations in other parts of the country as well if the government extends the quarantine measures,” PAGCOR said.  Considering the quarantine protocols and for observing social distancing, minimum workers will be permitted to work in POGOs. Remaining workers will remain in isolation and will work on alternative shifts.

PAGCOR says that We are well aware of the destructive effects of COVID 19, and we fully support the government’s efforts for protecting its citizens.